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Friendship- or the lack of it

this is a pretty negative post i’m about to write, which kind of sucks because i’ve been pretty happy and stable of recent.

i have a ‘friend’ who takes constant delight in informing me that i am ‘crazy’. tbh looking back at it now, if you have a ‘friend’ who tells you you are insane all of the time, then well yeah.. they probably aren’t really a good friend.

so i decided to give this wonderful chum of mine an explanation to why i am so nuts. i think child abuse will fuck even the most sane of us up.. pun not intended. especially if said abuse has resulted in family breakdowns and abusive relationships ‘(both sexual and platonic) – which is also another thing i need to look at. toxic friendships…

said chum’s reply was that ‘you shouldn’t tell people this kind of shit’, he then went on to explain how i should feel sorry for him because he couldn’t handle the information and the bad effect it has had on him.

this seems to be a recurring theme in the selfish people i seem to meet in this world. somehow i am responsible for them feeling hard done by, by the fact that they have heard about sexual abuse.

obviously some people are stronger than others, that’s life really. but sometimes there is a time and place for cowardice.

there is never a time or place for victim-blaming, in any shade or form.

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