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i went for a meeting at the job centre and explained i couldn’t work tuesdays because i have counselling.

lady asks ‘counselling for what’ and looks at me as if i’m lying.

i gave her a dirty look and then responded with ‘child abuse’.

she then observes me and asks ‘how long will that last for’

i reply ’12 weeks or more, then i’m booked in for counselling at another place’

we then had a 10 minute unpleasant conversation with her acting as if i should grow up and money is more important than people’s mental health and me sitting there getting gradually angrier.

that is the first time i’ve had to tell a complete stranger face to face about sexual abuse, and it wasn’t the greatest response i’ve had. it actually made me feel as if i wanted to cry on the spot.

the moral of the story is that some people are just vile.

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