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today i had an unexpected argument with somebody. well now that i think about it more thoroughly it wasn’t that unexpected. to cut a long story short, i basically stated that if a person is continually in abusive relationships, then the person needs to look at themselves and assess what it is within them that is causing this continuous pattern and go and seek psychological help, in the form of counselling or therapy.

i said this speaking from both a personal point of view and in light of my education in psychology. however , apparently i was being ‘ableist’, because obviously telling someone to get psychological help is somehow insulting…

there is a thing called denial. which is often accompanied by a little thing called ‘not wanting to change’ or ‘being set in our ways’. when someone says something which forces us to look at ourselves and makes us uncomfortable, people often lash out.

perhaps if people were less defensive and actually listened more, the world could actually get some where..

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