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How far can you run?

i was wondering to myself earlier today.. i wonder how much longer i can forget about everything and run away from it all before it comes back to slap me in the face.

How many more times can i ‘re-invent’ myself before i have to accept myself?

How much longer can i ‘avoid playing the victim’ until i realise that i’m not okay?

How many bad relationships do i have to enter before i learn from my past and confront any childhood issues?

How much longer will i keep punishing myself before i treat myself better than i treat those who have no respect for me?

when will i value myself as a person?

when will i like me?

when will i not let the opinions of other validate myself?

When will i stop waiting for tomorrow to implement these things?

it’s easy to run, it’s harder to face yourself. i don’t want to end up bitter and fucked up because of the actions of others. i don’t want to become a monster and punish others for things that weren’t their fault. i don’t want to spend the rest of my life scared by the past.

somehow i need to find courage to be brave enough to take practical action and stop reliving my past.



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