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Self harm romanticism

Last night i lost the plot and seriously started fantasizing about self-harm and how it would feel. I keep getting this weird urge in my wrist and i just feel lost and confused.

I’ve decided to cut down on the time i spend on the chatroom i used where rape survivors talk to one another.

I think the stories are triggering me too much at the moment and honestly do more harm than good. Although the people there are supportive I’m getting tired of reliving trauma every day and night. Also i think i’ve developed an addiction to it which is not helping me.

I don’t want to self harm and to be honest even the sight of menstrual blood makes me feel sick.

Bought some herbal medicine for anxiety and depression and going to start taking my sleeping pills regularly.

I’m not going to fuck of myself and my future because of 2 perverted bastards.

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