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I received some rather disappointing news yesterday. someone i got together with recently revealed to me that he is in fact in love with his best friend and that they got together after we had engaged in sexual activities and that he didn’t want to do anything to spoil their friendship, and that they were going to make a go of things.

 i was suprisingly calm at the situation and wished him luck. although i was very irritated. then i went on a full scale rant of bitterness to my friends. one of them even commented on the fact that nothing in my life ever seems to be simple.

i feel as if i have the right to be bitter to be honest. none of my relationships ever seem to work out, but then when i think about it, this may have been for the better in the long run. i could either have been stuck with a guy i don’t think i really was attracted to, who was in love with his best friend or with a person who is at high risk of being a perpatrator of domestic violence.

maybe i don’t really have that much to be bitter about really, i’m not quite sure about how i feel about romance or relationships right now.

maybe the failure of all these hookups/romances is a sign telling me that i need to take time out and concentrate on myself and learn to be alone again.

maybe i will listen. most likely i will not. either way i’m trying to get over the breakdown of my last romantic relationship and concentrate on not being made into an ugly person because of it.

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