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involuntarily taking flight.

my mind is not in my body, my body is not with my mind. i am not really on this planet. 

floating, floating away…

my head seems heavy, and my body in pain.

i can’t force my body to do what it doesn’t want to do.

for the first time i will have to listen to my body, not my body listen to me.

for the first time i will have to accept i cannot control everything.

this is scary.


yesterday was a weird day for me.

i broke down in tears as i contemplated my life and all the hurt that i have been through.

the confusion.

the loneliness.

the unhappiness.

the helplessness.

i acknowledged that i was not stone. that i was human. that my past has affected me, that i need support, that i need help, that i cannot control everything.

i feel pretty helpless and in shock atm.

the full realization of being hurt again and again and having the wind knocked out of you is pretty paralyzing.

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