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Hello Again

This is just a post to say I haven’t written here for over year as I’ve had a lot of shit going on. My previous relationship ended horribly, one that was emotionally abusive I see now in hindsight and a bit rapey, I have ended up in hospital following a psychotic episode and I am now in a much moe healthier relationship with a new partner, have group and individual therapy and I am working on my issues. I have a lot on my plate atm , and have neglected a lot of my hobbies including blog posting. Hopefully now that I am back I will be able to post a bit more frequently and upload art alongside other things to my blog posts. I hope to be able to write more honestly and open up a bit more to try to sort out the messy cave that is my head.

So to new beginnings – or carrying on from before- I don;t know which xD

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