my healing journey

Back from holiday

I left a few days ago to go on holiday because I felt I was going off the edge. It wasn’;t anywhere fancy with blue water and palm trees, just off to leeds to visit a friend. Buit I think it was much needed. The day before I left I came down with some sort of stress related fever. Its;s scary when you fweel as if you are just on tipping point, that anymore and you will crack. I think it was a well deserved break.

 One of the things I learned from going away is that I really need to treat m,yself better and give myself time to relax and make time for me. Finally all the things my last counsellor said to me were beginning to be drummed in and make sense. I think I’m beginning to learn what self care is. I always has to ask people what it was but nobody could give me the answer. Yesterday I sent my counsellor a text saying ‘thankyou for the counselling J’ and I meant it, it took a while but there was some sort of breakthrough. Now I just have the task of carrying out the lessons I have learnt which is pretty difficult.

Other things happened whilst I was away but I don’t really have the strength to go into them at the moment. Today I will be concentrating on beginning to learn how to look after myself properly.

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