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now that it’s gotten to the point that each morning i wake up and my first thought is to cry i’m guessing i’ve probably reached some sort of breaking point. so i’m going to set myself some goals

1. to wake up in the morning and get out of bed

2. to eat 3 meals a day

3. to walk outside for 30 minutes a day

4. to spend an hour reading each day

5. to write a blog post each day

6. to shower each day


hopefully there will be some improvement, otherwise i give up

happy anniversary..

i logged in to day in the first time in a long while, to be greeted with ‘happy anniversary!’ apparently i’ve spent a year on here. that brings mixed emotions.

when i first started this blog i was in a horrible place.. and i am still in a horrible place on year in.

i thought things would get easier but they haven’t really. i’ve been forced to slow down completely’

i’ve been made to take a year out of education, made penniless and now i am having housing problems.

last night i think i was on the verge of having a breakdown, unless i have already had breakdowns but don’t know what they are.


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