my healing journey


i’ve been putting off writing this for quite a while, partly because i didn’t really know what to say and also because if i write it, it makes it reality.

the only reason i started writing this blog in the first place was because i came across another blog on the internet written by a woman called Sara.

sara had gone through child abuse like me , and her blog was what had given me inspiration to actually begin counselling and somehow try and work through coming to terms with have experienced child abuse.

a few days ago , i found out that Sara had committed suicide. 

i think at first i was not really surprised to hear the news. i understood what must have been going through her head. but it is a great loss.

i never met sara, and it seems strange to me that someone i had not met personally has had such a great impact on my life, or whose loss i feel deeply saddened by.

i don’t really have words right now, but i thought at least i would say something.

another person who has taken their life because of the actions of someone else.

rest in peace Sara x

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